three founders with broad experience

OUR TRACK RECORD IS LONG, BUT OUR APPROACH IS FRESH. Abere is established by three experienced founders – representing a complementary background.


Abere is set up to serve our Horeca customers in a better way – both in numbers and in quality. This is the essence of Abere. The Abere serves several companies, all covering distinct products and segments of the market. Everything put together in a truly strong organization.

“…All companies in the Abere group have a strong identity targeting different market-segments. Together we achieve obvious synergies and unleash new potential…”

Frode Hellmann, CEO Abere

Want to know more about the founding companies within Abere?

Red & White

CLASSIC WINES and a wide selection of established fine wines, as well as a small selection of value priced products. As long […]

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Consolidated figures 2018

Consolidated key figures for the three companies establishing Abere.