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OUR PRODUCERS AND BRANDS. The range is wide, but our approach is to select production partners with ambitions that goes well together with our own and fit our portfolio strategy.  Abere and the Abere companies is focused on personal relations and we want to have a portfolio we can be proud and passionate about. Here is a selection of our present producers and/or brands.

Our end target group is always the consumer and Abere is developing a portfolio for different needs, preferences and occasions.

54 of our partners listed

We have a long list of producers and brands in our portfolio, they vary in size & global recognition, but anyway – we are proud of all of them. Click on their name to get more information.


Capri-Sun is a Germany-based juice concentrate drink owned by Capri Sun Group Holding in Switzerland, which is a privately held company. It was […]

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Ch. Musar

Legend of Lebanon. From a conflict-ridden region come complex, unique wines inspired by both Bordeaux and the Rhone Valley. Chateau Musar has […]

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Marques de Somera belongs to the cooperative Longares (Covinca), founded in 1942. It now includes 200 producers who have joined forces to […]

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Crystal clear wines from Walker Bay. As the third generation winemakers in the Finlayson family, brothers Peter-Allen and Andrew really jumped for […]

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Champagne Delamotte is one of the oldest champagne houses, established in 1760 in the prestigious village of Le Mesnil. The majority of […]

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Claude Denogent inherited his father’s vines in 1922. He and his wife later bought a property between the communes of Fuissé and […]

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Different from modern winemakers who are quick to adopt new technologies, Gravner, on the other hand, reached back 5,000 years to ancient […]

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Created in 1999, in Carcassonne, South of France, LGI WINES was Alain Grignon’s vision of the international export markets in relation to […]

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The Lisini family is one of the oldest in the Montalcino area and was one of the first to promote Tuscany and […]

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For more than a century, the Vigna Rionda-Massolino Winery has been making a name for itself by producing spicy, aromatic Barolos. This […]

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Cantina Zaccagnini was founded by Marcello Zaccagnini in 1978. The hard-working entrepreneur started with a small vineyard montepulciano grapes and made wine […]

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The story of the wine cellar starts with Bartolomeo Zeni in 1870: painter by passion, but carter by profession, Bartolomeo Zeni transported […]

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